How It Works

We can complete a variety of routine services and repairs on your vehicle and have specialty equipment and training in diagnostics.  With our mobile platform, we conduct our services at a location convenient to you – whether it’s your driveway at home or the parking lot at your workplace – you let us know what works for you. We only work in locations that are safe and where we have authorization to do so. If you are in need of a road-side repair, please call a local towing company or CAA.

Step 1

You request a quote or schedule an appointment online. We need your vehicle’s year, make and model or VIN to provide an accurate quote.  We send a quote and appointment confirmation by email or text message.

Step 2

We'll show up at your home or office and perform the work you have requested! (Please ensure we have the necessary authorization to perform our services at your workplace or apartment/condo).

Step 3

We complete our work with minimal interruption to your day.  If you weren’t sure what was wrong and your vehicle requires parts or more extensive labour, we prepare a quote and arrange to come back in a day or two with parts.

Step 4

We prepare a vehicle report and answer any questions.

Step 5

You pay onsite by secure debit, credit or android pay, we email you a receipt.


Monday - 8am - 4pm
Tuesday - 8am - 7pm
Wednesday - 8am - 4pm
Thursday - 8am - 7pm
Friday - 8am - 3pm
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