Is your vehicle not running well? Check engine light on? Making a strange noise? If you’re not sure what’s wrong, a diagnostic is the place to start. Diagnostics have a minimum 1 hour fee of $92.  If we can troubleshoot and correct the problem within the hour there will be no additional charge to you! Otherwise, we’ll let you know the nature and severity of the issue, how it impacts your vehicle, and the cost of repair. Some diagnostic evaluations require more time – if this is the case, we’ll explain why and get your approval before proceeding.

A “check engine light” code reader simply scans the vehicle to identify which system is at fault, but does not determine the actual problem. Often times, mechanics make an educated guess from here and begin repairing or replacing parts at your expense. At AutoGuru we pride ourselves on thorough diagnostic assessments with the use of not only up-to-date scanner technology but also a high quality oscilloscope. This allows us to provide a more accurate and sensitive assessment of your vehicles’ needs, ultimately saving you money. All diagnostic assessments include a complimentary digital Vehicle Health Report to help you identify, plan for, and mitigate potential future services.


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